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Big Pierogi Maker

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Hunky Bills Big Perogie Maker takes much of the time and labour out of preparing delicious home-made perogies. Makes 18 perogies at a time, each about 3.5 inches in length. This is the fastest and easiest way to make perogies at home! Simply roll out dough and place one sheet over the perogie maker. Place filling in the pockets and then cover with another sheet of dough. Now just roll over firmly with a rolling pin, and all the perogies are cut, sealed, and shaped in one go! Flip the maker over to pop out 18 perogies that are ready to bake, boil, or deep-fry! Recipes and instructions are included on the package. It's simple design makes this a versatile item to use for other recipes as well. Pot-Stickers, shortbread cookies, pastries, ravioli, WonTon and empanadas have all been made using the Big Perogie Maker. Made in Canada.